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Boy, what business do you have messing around with my bias list? And you aren't even doing anything! But those pictures of you in a suit, and the fact that you grew your hair out and your rendition of Aishiteru Kara are doing weird things to my heart. :<

So anyways, [ profile] jentfic_remix is posting now and I'm honestly afriad that my remixee finds my fic lacking in some way cause hers are like *___* so good and there are so many awesome remixes this year. Patiently waiting for reveals right now and trying to complete my mini-reels in time for posting. But anyways, here's my remix! There aren't enough flails and sparkles in the world to say how much I love this, that person made a practically non-existant pairing in my original happen. & My OCD kicked in today and the list of WIPs I compiled are scaring me, I haven't even started on some, just the rough outline OTL shall start on them soon, like maybe after my O's. Or probably after I get my mini-reel done. Yes, I will. Probably.

-on another note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER LIU
&I can't wait for my O's to be over, so that I can finally build that pyre and burn all my textbooks and notes in it.
Maybe I'll do a little dance around it too just to celebrate.

(c) to the pic-fuckyeahmaru
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Stolen from [ profile] mklia :D
Shall attempt this amongst my other list of undone memes

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The stupid stinkin' fever I caught must have fried my brain a little too much.
I can't even do simple math problems now.

Trigo, I thought you and I had come to an understanding but..
If P is produced such that ABCP is a parallelogram, find the coordinates of P.

Hell no.


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