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Feel free to add me but if you can, do leave a comment first so I'll know just who is adding me.
Journal is 65% Friends Locked.
Introductions over here )

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[ profile] pautami is currently holding a fundraising for the Philippines who has been hit by a typhoon. I believe donation as little as $1 can mean a lot.

To those who are interested in volunteering to write, visit this site for more information. If you'd like to donate a dollar for a drabble, go here

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just a little something I found.
-Finally posted after... many months. YAY
-Also, xmas love meme. Share the love♥ (I edited the link because the other one was full) 
-Time Capsule Meme too! (comment w/ your links & I'll send you my love!)
-I haven't started my xmas shopping. omg
-Just wanted a reason to post that gorgeous picture above. 

ciaos :D

(c) - in picture
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Finally a time where I can use the phrase "Kame is horny". And it's actually legit.

My O's are in about 3 weeks, so this post will be about me saying goodbye for the next month and promising to update whenever I can. 
[ profile] reel_johnny's posting alr :D

Also leaving this link here. 
): bye guys ♥

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